Rancho Grande

Dirección: Avenida Diagonal 73. Barcelona, 08019

Teléfono.: 93.307.07.05

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2 opiniones sobre “Rancho Grande”

  1. pasquale russo opina:

    I’ve been long time ago at Rancho Grande togeter a group from Italy. That was a great experience. We had the best food ever for so many peoples (we were like 15 persons). What I personally never forgot is the garlic cream which I never had before and never more after it. In february 2010 I will be in Barcellona again with another group and I would like to take my friends to enjoy again the great food and the special atmosfere tha Rancho Grande gives.

  2. Angeles opina:

    Querria saber si este restaurante sigue abierto, hace mucho tiempo que fui y me encantó.

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